Scott Luhrs

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hey boy.....your a naughty one.

Scott.....your a hot man .. Scott I really thought the world of you. When my mom Sue Edington, was flying for Continental both of you were flying together , month after month. My mom thought the world of you. She told me she bought you an ALF doll...from that TV show. She cries to this day thinking about you. I have never seen my mother cry for least in front of me but when we talked about you ....tears...I cried as well...still do. But I wanted to send a special note about the time we were laying over in Denver and I came to your hotel room to get you to go out to dinner. I noticed the hotel beds were all missed up , pillows on the floor...and I thought we just checked in an hour ago...You tried to act innocent and said you took a nap...then....all of a sudden...then the toilet flushed...BUSTED...a stalky hairy looking guy...was dressed came out with a grin and left. I was shocked. But we both laughed and went out. love you. bobby