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thanks for making me the temp. base director in HNL

dear Lee, you are a sneaky bitch. I remember I had been only flying six months when I got promoted to Director of Passenger Service and you were also in my DPS class in Houston when we trained at the Airport Hilton in 1985/ You were sneaky as you knew that you were being selected as the base director of LAX inflight and you were taking the training to see who these new hire DPS people were....see if you were going to like us or not. I remember you wanting to fire Miles Folger in training but you did not want to give up the secret you were the base director . Well I am glad you liked me and placed me at the Ala Moana hotel in the suite on the ninth floor. Everything was great..i really missed flying to LAX and having a gay manager when I first came out of the closet. You took me to some really weird bars in LA....sorry I never caught on to that whole leather thing...to this day i dont wear anything leather...but I do think about you when I see those guys decked out....lol Your home was nice and thank you.....you really helped me understand the inner workings of an international airline. I want to thank you for taking me when we had dinner with Frank Lorenzo in Houston. He picked out a great mexican place...I know most of my friends hated Frank, but he was nice to me and he really liked you. See you one day.......hope you grown some hair... love bobby