Keoki Spencer

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aloha my keoki

my dear keoki, you along with gary turner and john killiea were my favorite boys on the island..meaning the boys who I would have loved to have shared my thoughts about you. I was happy we were able to travel all over the world together and go out to clubs. I loved riding in your old Mercedes benz in honolulu .... It was very sad Keoki when you were sick at the hospital in Honolulu. I remember the hospital made me wear a special gown and gloves to come into your room. I did but you were out of it....sleeping...I took off the gloves and held your hands and looked at your face as you lay in your bed. I cried. Your mother was very upset as well. I saw her earlier in the hallway of the hospital as she was going home. I know she loves you. When we looked at each other at the airport when she was still working in the Pilots office she always gave me a smile and a thumbs up. Aloha Bobby she would say. Aloha Keoki. I love you. bobby