Keith Carlson

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hey b. balls betty

HEY keith, I know its been a while and I just found you online tonight...Feb 2013...ok ok its been twenty years i know...better late than never. Keith you were there when I went to my first gay bar in Sydney. Somehow having you with me as I crossed that door and into a new world made me fell strong and alive. You were still based at LAX and I was a Director of Passenger service in HNL when we worked our first flight together on the dc 10. I still remember the RICE sisters working the flight with us and they also we our with us that night. Who would have thought years would go by and our firendship would be so strong. I remember you inviting me to your home in Palm Springs and you taking me to all those tired piano bars. YUCK. I still hate the thought of those farts smoking and drinking and listening to that yuck music. thank you for taking me to the disco later. I really hated Palm Springs.....Being in my twentys and going to palm springs ...fell I felt like a chicken. lol take care my friend.....I think of you and all our boys who are on this damn quilt. It took me a long time to face this quit ....i dont understand why everyone i was close died . All my friends are dead. I dont know what to do sometimes.. If you could only see this continental has my friends all over it...there is no one to pick up the phone to call, no one to go one to kiss. love bobby