Steven Munzenrider

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Steve was an awesome teacher

Steve Munzenrider was one of my daughter's 1st and 2nd grade teachers. He played guitar and sang and all the children (and all the parents) just loved him so much. He was a gentle soul and he will always be remembered by the teachers, parents and children of Nueva School in California. We were all lucky to have known you Steve, even for such a (too) short time. The world is a lesser place without your beautiful soul in it.

Gave me the gift of travel

Steve started to travel internationally while still a teen, he used his last semester of High School to travel world wide. This influenced me to start travelling, and 40 years later, I am still travelling, it has changed my life. Thank you, my old and dear friend, I think you of often with admiration, respect and love. So travel the universe now Paco, there are no limits, no time or barriers, I dream of you, smiling and saying, "like a seed, life is hope"......