Frank J. McPeters III

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I first met Frank when I came to Dallas from Oklahoma City on a weekend trip with a bunch of friends. It was at the Old Plantation and our eyes met and we exchanged numbers and I was off back to Oklahoma. I kept in touch with Frank via the phone (the old dial kind) and when I finally moved to Arlington with a couple of friends all I could think of was getting together with Frank. Well things didn't work out as I had planned, you see when he came to the my apartment to meet my roommates Kelly and Beth. That was it! Frank and Kelly were an instant pair. They were together ever since. Frank was so scared to tell me about him and Kelly but when he did I knew he was talking about his soulmate. I was heartbroken, but knew Frank was happy. I ended up moving away from Frank, Kelly and Beth and going onto California. I lost touch with all of them but had heard from mutual friends that both Frank and Kelly had died of AIDS. I was devasted. I will always have my memory of that day when Kelly and Frank meet and them trying to tell me without making me upset. I think of you often Frank and well as all my other friends that have died from AIDS. So to all of you: Frank, Kelly, Sergio, Joe A., Andrian, Joe E., Derek, Wayne, Jesse, Jim, Abel, Tony, Fernando and many more... I miss each and everyone of you guys. I think of you all often and wish we all could have grown old together. All my love and hope to see all of you one day again, like the sceen in Longtime Companion...the BIGGEST HUGS to each of you! Love Trace, your friend