Alex O'Brien

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Hope for less elusive butterflies

Alex, I never knew you, but I caught a glimpse of your soul in October, 1988 while the Quilt was on display in D.C. The sight of Bob Lind's 45 rpm "Elusive Butterfly" sewn to your panel touched me deeply, creating an empathetic ache that I cannot describe in words. Now, almost twenty-five years later, we celebrate the dawn of marriage equality (i.e., social support for the freedom to love) and I find myself still thinking of you. I wonder if I'm imagining or if I'm really feeling your spirit as we joyously watch this incredible societal change. My thoughts are with you as we move ever closer to the day when all of us can freely cast our 'nets of wonder' while chasing that lovely elusive butterfly. Kudos and thanks to the creator(s) of your panel for keeping your memory alive.