Shaun Zuniga

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hey Ms Braniff

Hey Shaun, you were my first roommate when I started flying for Continental Airlines based in Houston. Although only in Houston for six months, living with you at that house was great fun. Trying to be in the closet at the same time trying to meet guys without you knowing was like the oddest thing. You knew and threw it in my face as soon as my very first date left. You said, everyone in town knows the hottest bartender at Heaven is David and he just came out of your bedroom. Opps. Its funny now as I look back and those bartenders really know how to pick up when someone is new to a club. I feel like a fool now but back then I was so excited to hang with such a hot guy. David Wesinger. I miss him too. He is gone as well. Shaun, you were one fancy q u e e n. Yes you were a little too much for me sometimes..Having a Christmas party and serve veggies....gross...but it was a nice party and sooo many boys. I really wished you would have served liquor from the store instead of taking all those little bottles off from First Class. I felt peple thought I stole them.....but its all water under the bridge. Thank you for you sharing your feelings of life with me...I had no idea you were even gone till I asked a friend when I was at the IAH base passing to catch a flight. Its weird all some were just snapped up in a month while others lingered on for a year. I love you, bobby