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mother of Mark and Bill Bolivar

Since I learned that the quilt panels were on this site I can view them whenever I feel the empty feeling at the loss of Mark and Bill. What a wondrous gift!
Thank you so very much. I went to see my son Bill's panel this go round but the rain kept it off of the mall. As I stood there hearing the names called I relived the day and evening of the large display, the walk to the Lincoln Memorial and the beauty and sadness of that evening with the candles floating on the reflecting pool. As I have said before, in 25 years no one will know I was here but Mark and Bill will be immortal through their panels and the quilt. Blessings to all involved.

I was looking for Jaime Enos

I was looking for Jaime Enos and found him on th e quilt. I so would like to meet people who knew him, I met him and spent much time with him in NY when we were 22 years old, then he left for CA.
Anyone there?

for Terry Meinhardi

Childhood friend, confidant, supporter in all things, I miss you and hold you in my heart and prayers every day and for always.

Since it's sad inception with

Since it's sad inception with the creative genius of Mr. Cleve Jones, this NOBEL Prize winning, heartfelt, priceless loving memorial, THE NAMES PROJECT AIDS MEMORIAL QUILT has been, and will continue to be a most relevant, major important piece of the rest of my earthly life here; knowing that THE MAN that I love so very much, and with the devoted help, kindness of Mr. Ritchie Crownfield at the UFMCC general convention in Calgary, Canada, reassured me that by that year's WORLD AIDS DAY, DECEMBER 1, my beloved Randy Michael Kinnear, along with his 12x12 companions, would quite literally be in my arms to welcome them home to Guerneville, CA! Blessings, Cleve and Rithcie! And to this day, the panel's white backround, reddest hearts, and love messages remain just as Bright and Glowing as ALL of the love RANDY was, remaining, and so boldly touching hearts throughout it journies around the earth...blessed be..rjkm

Anniversary thoughts to Phillip

9/14/2012 Well tomorrow will be 18 years since you left us. I remember in the morning of the 14th telling you "it is Wednesday, Sept. 14th and I love you on Wednesday", and you said "I love you too", then I said "you love me every day", then you said "you got that right".
I will release yellow balloons for you tomorrow. The yellow is for the sunshine you brought in my life. Love, Mother

Thank you so much for this

Thank you so much for this beautiful project.

So touching to see the many

So touching to see the many names of victims, people fighting for the cure. Just want to say God Bless all who are all affected by HIV/AIDS.

David Earl Kuncis...upper right corner of quilt block 4364

David was an amazing individual. He was the boyfriend of my sister, Cindy. It was the late 70's, early 80's. He was in my life and made a huge impact on me .He gave me advice and was there for me when I needed help.During this time, his family and mine were very different. He was never judgemental but always helpful and considerate. He was kind, patient and generous. I was 14 or 15 and he was my buddy. He got me through some of the worst moments of my life. I am just sorry I never told him that. At 14, he taught me how to drive.I drove his prized, huge car up the wrong side of the highway and he gently guided me onto the right side averting disaster. He dated my sister but we also became friends. We had such fun together, me, my sister and David. A few years down the road, he moved thousands of miles away and created a new life but came to visit unexpectedly. I was so excited to see him. He was so special to me. He was different after so many years but I always adored him. He went back to Florida and apparently contracted AIDS, I was devastated when I heard. I had tried to find him, finally reaching his parents and was told he had died of AIDS. I was abrupt and dismissive with them and hung up the phone. I didn't know what to say. I am terribly sorry for my response and regretful that I probably hurt his parents. Today, 20 years later, I still think of him and remember how wonderful and warm he was. I miss him all the time. Thank you for commemorating him on this Quilt. I miss him dearly. He made a difference in my life.....

My "Best Friend, Confidant & Brother Anthony "Tony" Head

My brother Tony died 8/11/90 from AIDS related cancer at age 33. He was funny, a fantastic cook, wonderful friend to all and threw fabulous Christmas parties at his duplex in DC. One yr was a costume party & he dressed as Barbara Bush!!

When he found out he went from HIV positive to AIDS, he live his last 4 years with Courage,Strength & Purpose! He went into Inner City schools in DC and talked to students frankly about AIDS and answered questions honestly. He also hosted "Mastery Workshops" in his home, (I had the honor to attend). The workshop included guided visulization, journaling and honest talk about feelings in front of the group. It included food and emotional support for the participants.

The purpose of the workshop was to help people feel empowered and not see themselves as Victims of the disease. I came home feeling Proud and more at Peace. It didn't change the situation,but it did change the perception/attitude of life and that makes all the difference!!

I went to DC in 1992 to deliver his Quilt #02592 at the Washington Monument and there were over 30,000 panels! President George H Bush refused to acknowledge the friends & family. When we did a peaceful candlight vigil around the Whitehouse,there were police on hourseback with rubber gloves!

Thing have changed a lot since 1990, people are living longer and there's a chance to eradicate AIDS worldwide and I'm in Grattitude for that! I will ALWAYS Remember and Miss my Brave brother Tony Head!

sister,mother, daughter.

I made this quilt many years ago for my brother jimmy, when aids was considered a secret. I don't keep it a secret anymore. Seeing my quilt has brought me many emotions today. Happiness, sadness, loss and hopefulness. I hope all who see my brother's quilt, will see a life cut short too soon by a terrible disease. He is truely missed. I hope all who see this quilt and panel will know that there is love and hope and that one day there will be a cure.