Gary Spangenburg

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Gary Spangenburg: Friend

I have been searching for years in hopes to see Gary on this aids quilt and to find his family, who I believed lived in PA. I met Gary in Phoenix. We were neighbors. Gary and Tony lived across from me. Gary was a shining star. I smile when I think of him, because he lights up a space with his presence. We kept in touch when he moved to LA. and I remember that phone call from him. There was silence and I knew. You just love your friend the best you know how through this process. Then one day, nothing. I could not find him or his family. What can I say... Genius on the piano, long ago he taught me how to find great treasures on garbage night, we did swap meets and he taught me how to do stir fry spinach. Gary made me laugh with his humor and was there for me as a friend in some tough circumstances. His presence shines in my heart forever. Gary, I know you can see what I am writing. I love you dear friend, forever. How could I not. You are the best. Sweet blessings my dear friend and to your family.