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Dear Greg,

Dear Greg,
My dear brother, I still miss you. I was in Washington, DC last week with my grandson and couldn't get you off my mind. Did you walk were we walked? See the monuments as we did? I like to think that you were walking with us. Seeing the square that I made for you and to my surprise many others with your name on them, I am again saddened about losing you. You were special and I'll always miss you.

Twenty five years later, I

Twenty five years later, I still love and miss you.

I have seen the quilt several

I have seen the quilt several times, including when I contributed my brother's panel, after my sisters, brother and I created it. It is always a deeply moving experience, and it always feels like a profound connection to him, and to the others that have died of this disease. I love the way that it brings so many people together, because of a disease that does not discriminate in whose lives it affects. My family and I travelled to DC in 1996 to see the full display then, and will be on the National Mall on July 21 to see it again.

Happy Birthday, Daddy

i always knew that the fire works were for you

Thank you for displaying

Thank you for displaying parts of the quilt on the National Mall in 2012. I especially liked hearing the reader call out the names of people represented on the squares. I was moved to tears.


I miss you, Pummy! And to all who have lost someone to this devastating disease, God be with you and bless you!

Thank you for such a wonderful project

Thank you so much for creating such a great project. This will make sure that the people, families, and everyone who has been touched by AIDS will never be forgotten. Thank you to all the people who participate with this project.

It's too bad that they're

It's too bad that they're such low resolution scans. I can't really read the text on the quilt pieces.


Phillip, you are missed and thought of every day. You were such a joy with your healthy laugh to so many. Your friends and family are pleased to be able to view your Panel on Awesome!!

I was able to look up my

I was able to look up my cousin's panel that I hadn't seen in over a decade. Great work! Thank you for continuing to add to the power and impact of the AIDS Quilt.